The 12th Annual Baraga County Lake Trout Festival L'Anse, Michigan

will be on June 10, 2017

1/2 Marathon,Pequaming Run/Walk, Family 5K &


Special Race Notes

  1. Event Times
    • 8 a.m. Half marathon, 8 mile run and walk
    • 8 a.m. Family 5 K run or walk
  2. Parking:  Please do not park within the barricaded festival grounds near the L'Anse Waterfront Park.
  3. Shuttle Busses for the ½ Marathon and Pequaming Run & Walk will depart from the L'Anse Waterfront Park area NO LATER THAN 7:15 a.m. The busses will not wait! Please allow adequate time to pick up your race packet and timing chip prior to boarding the shuttle.  Registration booth opens at 6:00 a.m.
  4. Race Bibs: MUST be pinned on the front of your shirt or shorts.  Do not tear, fold, cut or alter your race number in any manner.
  5. Timing Chips: MUST be worn on your right ankle. Make sure the number on your chip matches the number on your bib. Volunteers will remove your chip at the finish line, be sure to enter through the finishing chute before proceeding to the refreshments.  All chips must be returned at the finish line.  A fee will be charged for unreturned timing chips.
  6. Gear Bag Tags: Each participant will receive a fluorescent orange card in their packet. This is your gear bag tag for those wishing to leave their gear at the BCMH Rehab & Fitness Center during the event. Make sure the number on the tag matches your bib number. Gear bags may be turned in at the BCMH Fitness Center near the L'Anse Waterfront Park.  For runners/walkers riding a shuttle, gear bags may be left in the front two seats of the bus for return to the Fitness Center. Please present your bib to collect your bag at the BCMH Rehab & Fitness Center following the race.  BCMH is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Road Safety:  Roads are not closed to traffic.  Runners and walkers please face traffic and stay near the edge of the road at all times to reduce the risk of injury. Cyclists ride with traffic and obey all traffic laws. Please be aware of traffic at all times. Give way to oncoming traffic if necessary. 
  8. Roads will be marked for all events. 
  9. Refreshment/Aid Stations are located at 2 mile intervals along the running/walking routes; at the Skanee Town Hall for the ½ century, and the top of the Aura hill for the 22 mile cycling event. Stations are equipped with band-aids and ice packs.  Sweeps will be available on the course to assist you as needed today.
  10. Awards Ceremony to follow the running/walking events and the cycling events in the L'Anse Waterfront Band Shell. 
  11. Weather:  If there is a chance of inclement weather, your safety is our first priority!  Events will be delayed if lightening is present.  If this happens, please find shelter.  The BCMH Fitness Center is located across from the festival grounds and will be open from 5:15 am until 2 p.m.  If weather does not subside and we can't have the race, race day will be scheduled for following day. Printable copy here


Marathon Maprum

Download a printable map here.